Friday, September 3, 2010

Autumn 2010

Oh there is no denying it. The cool morning air, the leaves on our back patio and the sun is lower in the sky... summer is fading away!  Boo hoo, I hate the end of summer.
But, once that 'Back to School' feeling gets into my heart, I start to enjoy the autumn rituals...
Apple Brown Sugar Cake
I start to pull out all of my favourite cook books to look up cookie & cake recipes.

Anything with oatmeal, brown sugar or cinnamon will be a good bet.

I also seem to have an even greater attraction to hearty cheesy recipes, like this apple, onion swiss tart!
This is Cheese Jalapeno Bread from Lepp's Farm Market -delicious!
Time to start sewing more once our weather cools. Actually it is time to start thinking about early fall projects, like indoor painting, buying fall mums for my outdoor pots, and sewing projects for the cool evenings approaching.
Here are some 'charm squares' - meaning 5" squares, & a few of my yo-yos that I enjoy making.


Unknown said...

Oooh - like the look of the apple & onion tart. Recipe, please?

PS - nice basket liners!

Anonymous said...


The applecace are very nice, I'm a little bit hungry about apples. The Patchworkthing is really cute too. I make to time a little Quilt with very nice colors. I think i show you that when I'm ready!

Lots greetings from Germany Bye bye Anne

Darlene Barnes Rosner said...

Annie, sorry I didn't see your post right away, this week has been very busy as I work at a university and this was the first week of classes for our students!

Yes, please do show me your quilt when it is finished, I would love that!
greetings from CANADA !