Friday, July 23, 2010

New Sunny Garden

Here it begins.  This weedy corner  (see above) will become the site of my new sunny garden. This is the only sunny corner of our backyard, as our house backs onto a densely treed green belt. Which means we have lots of shade. We asked  Mirror Landscaping last May to dig my garden bed.
Freshly dug garden bed....nice. But my Limelight hydrangea looks a bit lonely, it will eventually become the cornerstone of this sunny garden.

Hub was kind enough to gather up several wheelbarrows full of Clayburn bricks for me  (see below). We have a large collection of these beauties. Our house's original patio was made up entirely of these bricks. Charming, but the patio was always very 'weedy' as there were so many cracks in between the bricks. So we had a huge stamped concrete patio poured by Art Derksen, now we use these lovely bricks for other gardening pursuits (namely...small retaining walls around my garden beds)

See what I mean, and for some reason, I really enjoy building these little walls too!
It is hard to believe, but I use at least 4 to 5 courses of bricks. The goal is to fill the garden bed full of soil...once it is planted up with shrubs & flowers, this little brick wall is very sturdy.  It is a fun hobby.
This garden bed is larger than I imagined - now that the time has finally come to fill it up, I realize its' size.
Once the shrubs, roses & lavender start to fill in the garden will be very nice, but until then it will look a bit skimpy. I want to have a 'french lavender' garden in the center of this garden plot. The bees in our neighbourhood will be very happy once everything has started blooming!
In the meantime, I will keep on the lookout for nursery sales...I have become very fond of a new breed of roses called 'carpet roses'. They are low growing shrubs, spreading and flower profusely. But they have no smell! Many of the new breeds of roses are lovely, but I think a rose should smell ...well like a rose! So I will have to make room for the old fashioned tea roses.
I have only shown half of the garden bed, as the other side has nothing planted yet! One Quick-Fire Hydrangea and that is all.  This sunny garden plot will be my summer long project. As rose shrubs can be very expensive, so I will have to collect them over time.


Anonymous said...


You have a really nice garden at home. You are really creativ. I also have a large garden and usually sit in the evening in the evening hours when it is not so hot outside. There then usually I watch the fish in the pond. Its really nice.

Bye bye Anni

Darlene Barnes Rosner said...

Anni! you must show some pictures of the fish in your pond sometime. That would be lovely to see.

bye bye Darlene