Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Summer Jam

This time of year is what I would refer to as 'high summer'; it is the warm sunshine, it must be. I feel very content and yet motivated to keep working on my summer projects. Top of my list is jam-making.  As we happened to have over-ripen fruit sitting around on the counter why not take a break from my blueberries and see if I could come up with my own concoction of fruit jam? This experiment is called "Pear-Banana-Apple-Lemon Zest" jam.  A great way to use up old fruit destined for the compost.
The recipe used is from the Certo packet; I improvised on the Bartlett Pear jam recipe and used a medley of fruit to make the 4 cups of prepared fruit called for.  I must caution you about it being too sweet (the lemon zest helps, but it has a baby food sweet taste to it!).  I would cut back on the sugar by at least 1 cup and give it another go. I do like the flavour of banana in the recipe and it would make a nice topping for many cakes! This experiment was a success.

More 'high summer' photos.
This is a picture of largest parsley plant I have ever seen, never mind owned!
I think my other herbs (see the garden just behind) are quaking with envy!
This celery parsley will be flavouring all of our soups, potatoe  & green salads for months to come! This monster was a gift from a friend; she told me that this was originally an herb garden but the parsley overtook the container! I did manage to rescue  oregano, rosemary, thyme & chive plants which had been hidden underneath this monster parsley.They have all been transplanted to sunnier locations with room to grow.
More evidence of the season: an abundance of flowers are to be found both inside & outside of the house.

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