Thursday, July 1, 2010


I have been attracted to what I call stretch canvas posters / signs, not really sure what, but they all have inspirational mottos / slogans. For example, kind of like this is one  picked up in a clearance bin at HomeSense not too long ago:
And I love it!  Maybe not my favourite colours, but the idea of it- this saying is really a motto.
 I also love old vintage photos matted & framed, especially if the photos are from our own family archives. Maybe what I hang on the wall has to have some relevance to our family, more than a landscape or other type of print. Old photos & slogans do.

I recently discovered a webite for a cute company, Keep Calm Gallery, based in London. They have recreated printing press prints of some great inspirational slogans from the 20th century.
So yup, these prints have a vintage vibe that I love. This is only a small sample of what they have, with new stuff being created all the time. Check them out!

This one, Keep Calm and Carry On, was the slogan on posters put up all over London during the blitz. It is one of my faves!

OK, this one, 'Wake Up and Smell the Coffee', hmmmmm... I thought I made up that saying.....


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