Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day.
This is the start of fixings for hub's breakfast. Now I make breakfast most Sunday mornings but this one is especially dedicated to him. So no matter how carefully I followed the 'Best of Bridge' recipe, or what lovely fresh herbs I use to season this dish... he can plop ketchup all over it and I promise not to cringe.
This box tucked away in our fridge is a special dessert that our daughter brought home for him last night from the restaurant where she works. Hub loves dessert. This is a treat that I know he will enjoy!
And finally to round out his special day, our son will be taking him to the season opener at Empire Stadium to watch the BC Lions football team play! They will  dress in game jerseys, wear the sports hats & probably drink a few beers & eat some hot dogs. Fun!

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